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Every event, to be successful, requires a team which shares similar values and vision. Times Women’s Drive is glad to partner with such companies and entities who have joined the movement, thereby encouraging us to reach the finish line together.


The Indian Automotive Racing Club Ltd.

The Daily Express 1968 London-Sydney Marathon rekindled the motorsport spark for enthusiasts in Bombay (now Mumbai). Leading long-distance drivers of the world at that time were taking part, and the overland run from London ended at Bombay, from where the cars were shipped to Perth, Australia. This gave the participants (who were also the Carnet Holders for the cars) three full days in the city prior to their departure. The inevitable interactions and dinners followed, which were memorable.
A direct result of this interaction was the coming together of some Indian motorsport stalwarts of that time to form a club that would begin the promotion of motorsport in Bombay. These included Ajaypat Singhania, His Highness the Maharaja of Gondal, Nazir Hoosein, Mohinder Lalwani and Kishan Rao to name a few. The IARC was then formed as a Section 25 non-profit Public Limited Company limited by guarantee.
The members of the IARC are very passionate as regards motorsport and have been contributing their support, time and effort in all activities of the club as and when required.


Women's Cancer Initiative-Tata Memorial Hospital (WCI-TMH)

The Women's Cancer Initiative-Tata Memorial Hospital (WCI-TMH) is a non-governmental organization that was started in 2003 as a partnership between Ms. Devieka Bhojwani and Tata Memorial Hospital. The Initiative’s core activity comprises financial support of socially and economically disadvantaged women who are diagnosed to have breast and gynaecological cancers. The Initiative has supported hundreds of such women to complete their prescribed treatment with chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, radiation therapy, surgery and rehabilitation therapy. The Initiative has also supported high-quality translational research projects in the subjects of its mandate, being carried out by clinicians and scientists in Tata Memorial Centre.