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Hinduja Hospital bids for a cancer-free country

Times Women’s Drive is an initiative to celebrate the spirit of womanhood and make women aware about breast cancer. For years now, Times Women’s Drive has supported the cause of breast and cervical cancer with a dedicated team collaborating with various organisations. This year, the drive for cancer awareness got a huge boost when it collaborated with Hinduja Hospital - one of the finest hospitals in Mumbai. A hospital with a legacy of quality treatment, Hinduja Hospital has taken the initiative to make women aware and encourage them to get themselves screened for cancer at half the cost. All you have to do is register here and once done, you shall receive a unique code - which can be used to book an appointment on a call. Keep the unique code handy when you go for your screening as you will require the code at the hospital on the day to avail the discount.

Please note the following details. You will receive a unique code on your email post registration.


Normal Rate: Rs. 1800/- Discounted Rate : Rs. 900/-

19th April to 30th April 2018


Normal Rate: Rs. 3350/- Discounted Rate : Rs. 1675/-


Mothers, sisters, daughters, wives, leaders and entrepreneurs women today are donning multiple hats with great pride. Today, a woman stands synonymous to confidence, power and courage. And this "Woman" is you. You are the change ambassador that the society needs. Imagine the sea of positivity that you and your group of friends can bring to the society when you decide to make a difference together.
With each passing year, Times Women's Drive has supported the cause of breast and cervical cancer with a dedicated team collaborating with various organisations and working for the betterment of cancer survivors. By being a part of this year's rally, your team becomes an essential part of this initiative that supports those women who chose to celebrate life and stand as a clear winner.

Did You know?

The women of India are the true strength of the nation. Within their simple lives lies the will and the makings of a better tomorrow. Regardless of their station, location and education, we are all sisters under the skin. All of us women can Make a Difference. I stand today as just another woman trying to make a difference and I am so happy to be a part of Times Women’s Drive, that will help create awareness and provide a platform for curative treatments for women in India"

- Devieka Bhojwani

(Vice President: Women Cancer Initiative - Tata Memorial Hospital and Breast Cancer Survivor)

Times Women’s Drive A Journey with a Cause

Since its inception in 2008, Times Women’s Drive has constantly supported Women’s Cancer Initiative at the Tata Memorial Hospital. The Drive has always acted as a platform engendered to sensitize and engage women to be a part of a movement that spreads education and awareness about women’s cancer. What makes the drive even more special is the fact that all the participating teams in the rally drive for the same cause as proceeds from the registration go towards the Women’s Cancer Initiative-Tata Memorial Hospital (WCI-TMH).

The drive has opened multiple avenues for cancer patients over the period of 8 years. It has inspired us to:

  • Organize health camps for preliminary check-ups
  • Bring women’s cancer to the forefront
  • Provide a platform for women to seek opinion and check-ups at the drive
  • Encourage open discussion about women’s issues
  • Have a strong media coverage and publicity by The Times of India
  • Bring celebrities and unsung heroes together

The Drive has grown in stature over the last 8 years. Today, more than 400 cars drive from Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru and Hyderabad to Goa.

TOI support from 2008 till date

Annually, with the financial support from TOI, WCI -TMH has been able to pay for the treatment of 50 – 80 women diagnosed with breast, cervical and ovarian cancers and who are unable to afford the costs of their treatment at the Tata Memorial Hospital but have a great chance of recovery. These women belong to the lower socio-economic strata of society who come to Tata Memorial Hospital from all over India. To date, TOI has helped to support the treatment costs of over 500 women.

Every event, to be successful, requires a team which shares similar values and vision.

TMHWCI celebratesWoman's day