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We realise that you might lose your way while reaching your destination. Here are some of the frequently asked questions where we can rid you of your queries. If you do not find the answers you are looking for, kindly get in touch with us at support@timeswomensdrive.com



.What is the final destination of Times Women's Drive?

The rally ends at the beachy escapes of Goa.

.What is the format of Times Women’s Drive?

Times Women’s Drive is a time-distance-speed rally. For further details please refer to the Rules and Regulations section.

.What is a Tulip Chart?

A Tulip Chart is a pictorial representation of navigation instructions to be followed during the rally. It includes details like direction, speed, distance and is the only navigation tool to be used during the rally.

.How many days is the rally for?

The event takes place over 3 days this year with 2 days for the rally (i.e. 28th and 29th April 2018), with a night halt at the end of day 1.

.How will be the winner be chosen?

Each city route will be treated an independent rally and winners will be selected from each city for their respective rally. The basis of selection of the winners will be as per the TSD formula and rules and regulations. Please refer the Rules and Regulations section for more information.

.What date and time is flag off and from where?

The date of the flag off is 28th April and time is approx. 6:30 am from each city. The exact address of the flag off will be shared soon.

.What is the duration of the drive?

Since the Times Women’s Drive is a Time-Speed-Distance (TSD) rally and not a race, the drive will take place over 2 days starting 28th April. Ideally, it will start at approx. 6:30 am on 28th April and culminate between 16:00 hrs. to 19:00 hrs. The participants must complete the drive as per distance and speed given in the roadbook. Road book will be issued to participants along with the speed chart 3 minutes before the actual start time. However, the time taken by the participants of the drive depends on how well the team navigates the route and how closely they follow the tulip chart. Please refer to the What You Need To Know section for more info.

.Do all the competitors start the rally at once?

The organizers will determine the starting order of the race after all valid entries are accepted. Each vehicle will be flagged off at 1-minute intervals.

.Is there a speed limit?

Yes. The rally works on a TSD format and all road speed limits and RTO rules must be adhered to. Find all you need to know under the What You Need To Know section.

.How will we navigate?

A Tulip chart will be provided before the rally to each team. This chart will help you navigate throughout the journey.

.How do I get the two-day rally insurance?

Your usual vehicle insurance policy does not cover the two-day insurance for rallies. You will have to obtain a special rally insurance cover for the two-day rally on 28th of April, 2018.

.Are we allowed to carry cell phones and other devices during the rally? What's the fun in an amazing drive if you can't capture memories?

Make sure you carry your power banks and fully charged phones along. For safety, you are not allowed to talk or chat or take pictures if you are driving and other participants must take care while using the phone so as not to distract the driver or navigator. The driver and the navigator are not allowed to use the mobiles during the drive between the start/end of each rally day as this will lead to exclusion from the event.

.Can we halt midway to rest?

You may but you will lose your time from the competition. At regroup on each day some time may be provided for this as mentioned in the roadbook/speed chart.

.Can I bring my family along?

The rally and its events are exclusive to the participants of the Times Women's Drive. You can invite your family/friends to cheer you on at the start and/or finish line.

.Is it compulsory to decorate my car for the rally?

It isn't compulsory but highly encouraged. Utmost precautions must be taken to ensure that no items used for decoration block the view of the driver or navigator and that no items should block parts such as radiators, grills or AC vents or interfere or block the view from front windshield that can hinder the safe driving of the vehicle.

.Will we get material from Times Women's Drive to decorate our car?

No. The participants must use their own materials for decoration. They will only be given competition related stickers for their cars.



.How do I register?

Please refer to the What You Need To Know section or go to the Registration page directly.

.What is the last date for registration and voting?

You don't want to be left behind. So hurry! Registrations begin on the 7th of Feb and voting closes on the 11th of March, 2018.

.Can my team be changed after registering?

Driver details serve as the primary data for the team profile and cannot be changed. Navigator and team correspondent details can only be changed by sending a "Team Change Request" to support@timeswomensdrive.com with the changes needed. The dates for document submission for the final teams are 3rd April to 8th April. Strictly no team change queries will be entertained during document submission or after that.

.Are the registrations transferable?

Times Women's Drive registrations are not transferable.

.Can I register multiple times using different numbers and email IDs?

No, multiple and duplicate entries will not be considered by the Times Women's Drive panel and this will lead to the disqualification from registration.



.Is the participation cost 24,900 per person?

The participation fee for the Times Women's Drive is 24,900 plus taxes as applicable per team, not per person. Please refer to Fees and Inclusions section for more information.

.Do I have to bring my own car or will Times Women’s Drive provide it?

Each team must have a car to participate in Times Women’s Drive. If the car is not owned by the driver or navigator, an authorization letter from the owner will be required.

.Will I get a receipt/confirmation message after I make the online transaction?

Yes, you will get a receipt and confirmation via email after making the transaction.

.Will accommodation in Goa be provided by Times Women's Drive?

Yes, accommodation will be provided by Times Women's Drive for 2 nights and 3 days in Goa.

.If I get selected and choose to withdraw from the rally after the payment, will I get a refund?

No refunds will be allowed post payment of rally fees.



.How and when will we know if I have been shortlisted to participate in the rally?

Once selected, every qualifying participant will be sent an email from Times Women's Drive, informing them of all the forms to be duly filled and submitted to support@timeswomensdrive.com. Please ensure all your email ids and mobile numbers in your profile are updated and correct.

.Who does the participating team comprise?

The team consists of a minimum of 1 driver and 1 navigator. A maximum of 1 additional passenger or the team correspondent can join.

.What are the criteria for participation?

If you are a female, have a valid driver's license and know how to drive, you may participate. The participating women must be in the age band of 18 to 55 years.

.If I live in another city besides Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru or Hyderabad, can I still participate in the rally?

The rally is open to all women residing in the country.

.Does every participant have to be from the same city?

Every participant need not be from the same city.

.Can a person who is not an Indian citizen, participate in the Times Women’s Drive?

No, unfortunately, Times Women's Drive is not open to foreign citizens.

.What are the legal documents required to participate in the rally?

Follow this link for all the details under What You Need To Know section.

.Are the documents of all 3 participants to be submitted or just those of the driver?

The vehicle-related documents like PUC, Registration, etc. will be singular for the vehicle, the driver’s license copies will be required for just the drivers who will be driving throughout, but all other documents will be required for each participant. Please refer to What You Need To Know section to know more.

.How do we submit the required documents?

The documents need to be submitted in person on the designated form submission days after you are selected. We will notify all participants of the locations for submission. Please refer to What You Need To Know section to know more.



.Do all 3 participants have to be present at the briefing?

If you are going to be driving or are the navigator, it is mandatory for you to be at the briefing. You don't want to miss any key details and important instructions. However, we encourage the 3rd participant (team correspondent) to be present for the briefing as well.

.Why do I have to attend the briefing?

The briefing session is a compulsory part of a TSD rally that every participant has to attend. The latest details about the drive, the Rules and Regulations, and all your queries will be discussed at the briefing. Alongside, participants will also be exposed to various offers from our partners and will get to interact with them along with food and beverages. Please refer to the What You Need To Know section for further information. If you do not attend the briefing, then you may be excluded or a penalty amount will be payable by you.

.Can someone else attend the briefing for me?

If you are a participant, you will have to attend the briefing, no proxies will be permitted.